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Bagatela is a hair salon designed for men and women who value individuality, creativity and a high level of service.
Bagatela was created by artistic concept designers and architects, who for many years have been actively searching for inspiration, news and creative passion, expressed in high standards of services and projects.
Our stylists keep track of global trends in hairdressing which results in amazing compositions.
Working with Schwarzkopf Professional is a guarantee for the excellent quality of products and materials used in the salon. It is also an inspiration to find innovation in the field of technology.
The "Bagatela" Hair Salon is located in house No. 10  and is a unique place. Our goal is to make every client feel the magic of this place.  That is why we offer you something more than just the ability to undergo treatment at the highest level of hairdressing. We not only care about the body, but be also provide "food for the soul". Patrons have the opportunity to participate in various events such as vernissages, exhibitions, meetings with authors and on top of all that we also organize various events.
Every day, "Bagatela" offers you the best hairdresser stylists and the latest trends. 
"Bagatela" is also a unique meeting place. Entering our salon you will notice our unusual interior. It was designed by the well-known and respected architectural firm APA-VIA and Partners Ltd., nominated for the Rentail 2010 award. In this ambiance you not only want to stay for the duration of the treatment... ...
Staff and regulars at "Bagatela" are a close group of friends who see the salon not only as a work place but also as a place, where you can relax for a moment and get away from the every-day stress while having a good cup of coffee or tea. It is also a great place to meet interesting people and have some great conversations. 
Bagatela 10 street
phone: +48 22 622 2003
           +48 506 118 131

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